Activists issue Navy evacuation order on 1st anniversary of Red Hill fuel spill

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) — As of Sunday, a year has passed since the Red Hill fuel leak that sickened hundreds of families and has kept the public busy.

Over a dozen activists gathered Sunday morning to make their voices heard and deliver an eviction notice at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam.

Standing side by side with signs in the air, dozens chanted as they walked towards Makalapa Gate.

Hawaii-born activist Healani Sonoda-Pale served the eviction notice to the military police at the gate, who did not accept the notice.

So Sonoda-Pale left the huge eviction notice at the gate.

“The way they reacted today was what we expected from them [do]’ said Sonoda-Pale. “They overreacted to peaceful water protectors, we’re not the ones who poisoned families – they are.”

“The eviction notice is really meant to show how we are fed up with the Navy’s inaction,” said local Hawaiian activist Bronson Adama. Before heading to the gate, the activists boarded buses and headed to the NEX at Pearl Harbor. They distributed brochures, coupons and ice cream to families.

Elton Garner, a retired naval chief, used to live on Red Hill.

He’s heard health concerns from other Navy friends.

“It’s a real problem,” Garner said. “It’s something that real people with health issues have to deal with, stuff like that.”

However, he does not consider an eviction notice to be the solution.

“Because by doing so, you’re going to hurt other parishioners,” Garner said. “In doing so, I think the message that people are not being heard needs to be heard.”

On the same day, attorneys representing about 800 people affected by the Navy’s contamination of the Red Hill Water released a video of their clients telling their stories and explaining why they are making a claim.

“I think it’s important to realize that we’re not against safety, right?” Baehr said. “It’s important that we have a strong military and that’s why it’s important that our military is healthy.”

“And it’s important that the government takes care of our military, so this is an opportunity for the government to do it right.”

Both the Navy and the DOH have found the water safe after the rinsing and filtering process.

The Red Hill well, contaminated with jet fuel, no longer supplies water to Pearl Harbor and its naval communities.

The water comes from the Waiawa Well.

The Navy plans to address the media at a press conference Monday afternoon at 1 a.m.