Age, Job & IG of Hawaii-born Brittan Byrd

With Too Hot To Handle season 4 less than a week away, fans of the series will be able to meet the new cast, including blonde beauty Brittan Byrd.

With Too hot to touch Season 4 is set to premiere on Netflix on December 7, and fans will be able to meet the new cast, including Brittan Byrd. Since the final of Too hot to touch Season 3, fans of the reality franchise have been anticipating the latest season of the show. Next week, fans will watch as new gorgeous contestants try their hand at forging a genuine romantic relationship while doing their best not to engage in sexual contact.

The unique format of the competition, which forbids participants from kissing and touching, otherwise they risk losing money from their shared pot of $100,000, has taken place Too hot to touch in a league of its own among similar reality shows. In the new season of the reality series, five male and five female contestants from countries including Australia, the UK and the US will compete against each other while being closely watched by Lana. Too hot to touchThe digital host of . In the previous three seasons, most contestants left without establishing romantic relationships. With the beautiful Brittan in the new cast, however, that could soon change.


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Brittan Byrd’s age

Brittan is 22 years old and was born and raised in Hawaii. Brittan is one of the many beautiful contestants for the upcoming season and fans should expect a lot from her. The reality star, who thinks she’s got all the men figured out, seems like quite a handful for her, according to her Netflix bio Too hot to touch Season 4 co-stars.

Brittan Byrd’s career

As for Brittan’s career, she’s a professional model. That Too hot to touch The Season 4 cast member has appeared in several notable modeling gigs including starring on the cover of Modern Luxury & Zephyr Magazine 2022. Brittan has also starred in many commercials and has walked runways for brands. A true daddy’s girl at heart, Brittan seems secure Too hot to touch Storm series.

Brittan Byrd’s Instagram

Due to her popularity from her modeling career, Brittan has around 120,000 followers on her Instagram page @Brittan_Byrd making her one of the most followed Too hot to touch Stars. She also has 196 posts on her page, most of which are her professional modeling pics. However, fans can follow Brittan and get to know a little better before she joins Too hot to touch season 4

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Sources: Netflix, Brittan Byrd/Instagram