Completed assessment of intersections of Ala Moana Boulevard with Hobron Lane and Ena/Kalia Road

Completed assessment of intersections of Ala Moana Boulevard with Hobron Lane and Ena/Kalia Road

Posted on November 23, 2022 in Main, News

HONOLULU – The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) is informing the public that it has completed evaluation of Ala Moana Boulevard and Hobron Lane and the Ala Moana and Ena Road/Kalia Road intersections as pedestrian-only crossings. Pedestrian-only phasing remains in effect, and HDOT will take steps to add lane markings and traffic lights to complete the conversion of the intersections to a pedestrian scramble configuration (aka the Barnes Dance).

A pedestrian crossing phase is used to reduce potential conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians by providing a separate phase where all traffic lights at the intersection are red. Signs were installed on poles at the intersections of Ala Moana Boulevard with Hobron Lane and Ena/Kalia Road advising pedestrians to cross on footpath only, or a pedestrian signal.

The results during the month-long evaluation of the pedestrian-only phase crossings are summarized below:

  • security improvements
    • The phasing eliminates potential collisions between pedestrians and vehicles when pedestrians and vehicles follow the legitimate direction of the signals.
    • Accident data from 2017 to 2021 for the intersections showed significant accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.
overlap Total crashes Number of accidents involving pedestrians Number of accidents involving cyclists
Hobron Lane 21 8th 3
Kalia/Ena street 13 3 1
  • Vehicle travel times compared to pre-pilot times:
    • Ala Moana Blvd: No notable change
    • Hobron Southbound: 12% improvement
    • Hobron northbound: 7% delay
    • Kalia Road: 13% improvement
    • Ena Road: 7% improvement

Adjustments were made to signal timing throughout the evaluation period, with significant adjustments made to accommodate community feedback on November 7th and 18th. These adjustments included lengthening the green time for the southern approach to Hobron Lane in the morning and afternoon peaks by 4 seconds and 6 seconds, respectively; Increase in green time for the northbound approach to Kalia Road by 3 seconds in AM peak; and reducing green time on Ala Moana approaches in the PM peak to provide additional clearance time for vehicles from southbound Hobron Lane, northbound Kalia Road and southbound Ena Road.

HDOT thanks the public for their patience as we continue to work to make Ala Moana Boulevard and the Nimitz Highway corridor safer for all modes of transportation. Issues or concerns regarding traffic or pedestrian signals on state highways may be submitted [email protected] or (808) 587-2160.