Hawaii launched 95 transportation projects in the first year of infrastructure law, a new report shows

National and State Data: artbahighwaydashboard.org

WASHINGTON, November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hawaii committed $290.0 million in federal highway and bridge formula funds in fiscal 2022 to provide start-up assistance 95 new improvement projects in communities across the state during the first year of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), a review of US Treasury Department data 09/30 shows.

“A key takeaway from the Treasury Department data is that the bipartisan infrastructure bill is working as intended for the first year, with state transportation departments disbursing funds and projects laying the groundwork,” said American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) chief economist Dr . Alison Premo Blackwho created the report.

“The economic and livable benefits of the Infrastructure Act will become even more apparent as funding continues in the coming years,” adds the ARTBA Chairman Paula Hammonda WSP United States of America Senior Vice President. “The beneficiaries of these long-term investments will be the American travelers in their communities.”

president Joe Biden put the IIJA into effect November 15, 2021. Nearly 90 percent of IIJA’s highway funds are distributed to states through the existing formula, while the remainder is distributed through discretionary grants and other allocated programs.

By the end of September, over 29,000 IIJA projects had been started nationwide. The five largest projects funded by formula funds in Hawaii are:

  1. Maintenance, renewal and repair of asphalt pavements at various locations, Oahu$22.5 million
  2. Road improvements in Olohena, resurfacing and rehabilitation of the roadway, construction of a bridge of prefabricated planks – $10.3 million
  3. Installation of pavement protection strategies and surface treatments at various locations, Oahu$9.8 million
  4. Interstate Route H-1, Airport Viaduct Improvements near Valkenburg Street to Middle Street, Phase 3 – $9.7 million
  5. Interstate Route H-1, Freeway Access Extension and Modification, Kapolei Interchange Complex, Phase 3 – $9.5 million

To access national and state project data visit: artbahighwaydashboard.org.

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SOURCE American Road & Transportation Builders Association