Hawaiian Ocean Sunrise Design Tapestry | Cloth decorations introduced

Kingsy Store, a popular New Jersey-based online store for quality home products, has a new one-of-a-kind fabric tapestry.

The online retailer has built a solid reputation in the US for its quality products with unique prints and designs that cannot be found anywhere else. With its new wall hanging, Kingsy Store is proud to offer buyers with an eye for design a dreamy Hawaiian seascape that will add a resort-style vibe to any living space.

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Kingsy Store have designed and released their new fabric rug in light of a recent article by TLC Interiors. As her interior design team explained, the new resort decor trend is big this year, and tropical looks are particularly coveted. Homeowners across America are drawn to this style, which favors light, airy color palettes with bright yellows and blues, creating a year-round holiday feel at home.

This is the design style that inspired the latest addition to Kingsy Store. Your Hawaiian Seaside Sunbeam Skyline Hanging Decoration is a large but lightweight polyester tapestry measuring 60 inches by 80 inches.

The image on the tapestry is of one of Hawaii’s tropical white sand beaches at sunrise. It captures gentle turquoise waves lapping the sand as a full, bright yellow sun rises just above the horizon line, bathing the sky in a soft array of shimmering pastels.

This high-resolution print image was chosen to transport the viewer to a place where it’s always summer and always sunny.

Kingsy Store recommends the piece as a wall hanging over a bed or sofa. Compared to painting a wall, which is difficult for college students living in dorms or people renting their house or apartment, her tapestry series creates an entire room accent and design style that feels enduring while being moveable and easy to change.

With winter fast approaching, the retailer knows buyers want to create warm and welcoming spaces in their homes, and they believe their seaside resort-themed wall hangings are the perfect way to do so.

Kingsy Store is a home accessories retailer based in New Jersey that ships throughout the United States. They specialize in curating unique design pieces at affordable prices.

A spokesman for the retailer said: “Our Hawaiian Seaside Sunbeam Skyline hanging decoration is just another example of how we work around the clock to find, source and ship the most innovative products to you. That way you know you’re guaranteed to have the coolest stuff without spending days researching yourself.”

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