House GOP pushes Hunter Biden probe despite thin majority

WASHINGTON — Despite their flimsy majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans this week doubled down on using their new power next year to probe the Biden administration and particularly the president’s son.

But the halftime results have heartened a White House that has long been preparing for this moment. Republicans secured much smaller margins than expected, and advisers to President Joe Biden and other Democrats believe voters have punished the GOP for their reliance on conspiracy theories and lies fueled by Donald Trump about the 2020 election. They see it as a validation of the administration’s playbook for the midterms and for the future to focus on and pursue legislative gains, in contrast to Trump-leaning candidates whose grievances about the president’s son played their staunchest supporters and to far in the weeds for the average American. Democrats retained control of the Senate, and the GOP’s margin in the House of Representatives is expected to be its smallest majority in two decades.

“If you look back, we won seats in New York, New Jersey, California,” said Mike DuHaime, a Republican strategist and public affairs manager. “These weren’t voters who came to the polls because they wanted Hunter Biden investigated – far from it. They came to the elections because they were upset about inflation. They are angry about the gas prices. They are upset about the war in Ukraine.”

But House Republicans used their first press conference after winning the majority to debate the president’s son Hunter Biden and the Justice Department, renewing long-held grievances about what they say is a politicized law enforcement agency and a Democrat-led and corruption case overlooked by the media.

“From their first press conference, these congressional Republicans have made it clear that they will do one thing in this new congress, and they are doing it to retaliate politically for Biden’s efforts on an agenda that helps working people . said Kyle Herrig, founder of the Congressional Integrity Project, a newly launched multimillion-dollar effort by Democratic strategists to counter the onslaught of House GOP investigations.

At the White House months ago, the attorney’s office increased staff and increased its communications efforts, and staff did extensive research and prepared for the attack. They have worked to identify their own vulnerabilities. But anything the House is seeking related to Hunter Biden, who is not a White House staffer, will come from his attorneys, who have declined to respond to the allegations.