How to Visit Hawaii, Travel Responsibly

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Are you dreaming of a Hawaii vacation? Well you are not alone. Americans love Hawaii! Various 2022 surveys by Travelzoo show that Hawaii remains in the top 3 most popular domestic destinations along with Florida and Italy.

We checked into Travelzoo on Good Morning, Arizona and they shared some interesting stats with us. The company reported that people browsing Hawaii travel deals topped 2018 and 2019 combined, showing their appetite for the islands. A return to pre-COVID-19 numbers was not expected until 2025, but visitors are staying longer and spending more this year.

In September 2022 alone, Travelzoo reported that they had around 700,000 travelers and were spending almost 20% more than in 2019. With all these visitors to the islands, numerous organizations and companies are banding together to spread the word about how tourists can best be catered for Country. The idea is called malama, means “to care” in Hawaiian. It’s part of a a surging message designed to inspire visitors to leave the islands better than they found them.

As tourism recovers, Hawaii is pushing responsible tourism and offering opportunities for visitors to give back to local communities. Some resorts even offer a free night’s stay when you join one of theirs malama programs. Some occasions that people can give back are as follows:

  • Under the pono Pledge – a creative initiative by the Island of Hawaii Visitors Bureau to promote safe, responsible and respectful tourism
  • Adopt mindful activities to do while on vacation, such as: B. Picking up trash, volunteering with a local organization to plant trees, and more
  • Malama Loko Ea (O’ahu)–Restoration of a native Hawaiian fish pond
  • Surfrider Foundation Kaua’i – rent a kit from a local hotel or participate in a scheduled beach cleanup

Some other good practices to use on your Hawaii vacation can also include the following:

  • Do not touch native wildlife
  • When hiking, use common sense and stick to the clearly marked trails that are approved for hiking
  • Get proper vaccinations or wear a mask to prevent the spread of disease to locals
  • Use a tour bus or local transportation instead of renting a car to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Learn about the history of Hawaii and its people
  • Learn about Hawaiian culture during your trip and/or before your vacation

Travelzoo offers various vacation packages to Hawaii. If you want to visit the islands for practice malamaClick here for more information.