LeAnn Rimes just hit Hawaii with her 6 pack abs in a bikini on IG

  • LeAnn Rimes enjoys some sun and yoga on the beach in Hawaii in her latest Instagram post.

  • In the photo she shared, the singer is wearing a cute high-waisted leopard print bikini and her abs and legs are super sculpted.

  • LeAnn loves to train quickly and effectively on the go because she’s a very busy woman!

Singer LeAnn Rimes has been busy hopping around different places around the world while promoting her new album. the work of Godand she apparently spent some time in Hawaii during her travels.

The 40-year-old casually posted a photo to Instagram of herself and two of her crew members doing the yoga tree pose on a stunning beach on Hawaii’s North Shore. Pictured, LeAnn is seen in a gorgeous high-waisted leopard print bikini (Will) that highlights her sliced ​​abs and toned legs. “Baum’s 🌲 company! #thecrewthatyogastogether #pipeline #hawaii #yoga #northshore,” she joked in the caption.

People cheered for her in the comments. “❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥 Leann you look absolutely stunning… so beautiful 😍,” one wrote. “You look amazing. And I love your yoga crew!” said another.

LeAnn is clearly living her best life on the road. While yoga on the beach definitely seems to be in the workout mix these days, she’s shared plenty of other things she does to stay fit. One of the greats? jump rope. “I take a jump rope with me everywhere, so it’s simple and easy to do bodyweight training in my locker room,” she previously said Us weekly.

LeAnn also revealed that she has had a deep interest in SoulCycle classes in the past, which she will be doing with her husband Eddie Cibrian. She’s also not afraid to go all-in when playing tennis, which she has shared Also does with Eddie.

Of course, LeAnn is very busy, which can make it difficult to squeeze into workouts. So she just makes them on the go. She shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself completely wrecking a workout in her locker room on her Instagram Story last year. In the video, LeAnn can be seen doing push-ups with side twists, leg raises with weighted ball punches, chair tricep dips, and reverse squats with her back foot elevated on a chair while holding a weighted ball on her shoulder .

Of course she eats well too. LeAnn previously said women health that she’s trying to find a balance so that she eats mostly healthy food, but also makes room for other less nutritious things. “Sometimes the diet is the pie, the fries, the pizza, and the mac and cheese,” she said. Her favorite dishes include a green smoothie for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, and a cauliflower-style bowl for dinner topped with tons of veggies and greens, along with baked tempeh or grilled chicken.

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