Mililani: 1 of the Best Wonderful Cities in Mililani, Hawaii

Living in Mililani Hawaii

Deciding to live in Mililani Hawaii can be a good choice for your family. The area has affordable housing, top-notch public schools, and a strong history. It’s also close to many great beaches, parks, and other attractions.

Top public schools

Whether you are looking for a private or public school, Mililani Hawaii has some of the best schools in the state. There are three private schools in the city, but most students are enrolled in public schools. Almost 90% of students attend public schools.

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The public schools score an average of 10/10 on the reading and math test. They are also in the top 10% of public schools in the state.

Top public schools include Mililani Ike Elementary, Mililani Waena Elementary and Mililani Uka Elementary. These schools offer excellent academic programs as well as extensive extracurricular activities. The Hawaiian Immersion program offers Hawaiian language instruction to all K-4 students.

This high school is known for its comprehensive athletic and academic programs. The school is also known for its commitment to preparing students for life after graduation. It offers 40 after-school clubs and activities. Students also participate in a performing arts program.

The public schools also offer a full range of programs for English language learners. Students receive ELL tutoring during breaks and after school.

Affordable housing

Buying a home is an investment. If you are looking for affordable housing in Mililani Hawaii, consider a subsidized rental unit. Affordable housing units are a great way to keep a roof over your head. However, there are limitations. In order to get affordable housing, you must meet the income requirements.

There are different types of affordable housing programs. Some are designed to provide home ownership opportunities in non-traditional locations. Other programs offer rental assistance.

HHFDC’s Affordable Housing program offers the opportunity to purchase affordable housing in new-build projects throughout Metro Honolulu. There are four projects to choose from: Hoopili in Ewa Beach, Kapolei Affordable Housing, Meheula Vista and Park on Keeumoku.

The Meheula Vista project will consist of four apartment buildings with 75 units each. These units will be available to low-income senior tenants. The second phase was completed in February 2018 and the third phase is expected to be completed in 2021.


Located in Honolulu County, Mililani Hawaii is one of the best places to live in Hawaii. This quiet and peaceful community is surrounded by tree lined streets and offers several recreational facilities.

The cost of living in Hawaii is high, putting pressure on the state government to provide affordable housing for residents. However, there are several masterfully planned communities that offer amenities and family-friendly homes for sale.

Koa Ridge is a planned community of more than 3,500 homes. This new community will be located between Mililani and Waipi’o. It will feature a variety of amenities, including a neighborhood park, community center, bike-friendly trails, and school. It will also provide convenient access to city amenities.

Koa Ridge homes are designed to meet the needs of both first-time buyers and retirees. The first phase of construction includes standard townhouses and standard single-family homes. There are also several affordable rental units. The community will be near the Ala Moana Shopping Center.


Located on Oahu, it’s a quaint, all-American city that’s also known for its close neighbors. The city was once a cluster of plantation fields growing pineapples. It also houses several public parks and sports facilities.

This is a great place to start a family. It is also close to the Schofield Barracks military base and Honolulu Airport. Mililani has a strong public school system. It has a population of 50,000. The average temperature is 81 degrees.

Several shopping centers are also located here, including the Mililani Town Center, which is located in the heart of the city. The center is home to several large mega stores including Walmart Mililani, Long’s Drug Stores and a movie theater. Other shopping options in downtown Mililani include Ross, Safeway & Foodland and Times Supermarket.

Here is also a popular pineapple candy, which is celebrated every year on New Year’s Eve. The pineapple drop is six feet wide and 10 feet tall. The event is organized by the Mililani Town Association. The association also organizes the Cardboard Regatta every summer.

Frequently Asked Questions: 1 of the Best Wonderful Towns in Mililani, Hawaii

What does Mililani mean in Hawaiian?

In general, the name Mililani is a Hawaiian word meaning “soft touch of heaven” and “sky love”. This name is also a female given name.
This is also the name of a newly developed community city in Honolulu County. It is located on Oahu, Hawaii. It is the first planned church in Hawaii. The city was originally a pineapple field. After World War II, Castle & Cooke bought the land and planned a town for 75,000 people.

Is Mililani Hawaii a good place to live?

Located in Oahu’s Central Valley, Mililani is a small community that has earned a national reputation as a wonderful place to live. Mililani is a family-friendly neighborhood with a relaxed vibe. It has a great school system, parks and recreation centers.

What is Mililani known for?

Located in central Oahu, Mililani is a small city known for its scenic surroundings and close neighbors. Mililani is a neighborhood reminiscent of an American suburban city, with wide, well-maintained streets, sidewalks, and landscaped common areas. The community is also known for its public parks, playgrounds and sports facilities.

How far is Mililani from the beach?

Located in Hawaii, Mililani is a small town with a mix of ethnicities. Most residents are from central Oahu, but there are residents who trace their family ancestry back to the pineapple and sugar cane industries.
Mililani has several parks and shopping malls. There is also a public golf course. The Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor is also located here. Established in 1999, the museum features exhibits related to the attack on Pearl Harbor.