Why Teresa Giudice will never forgive Jacqueline for her betrayal

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice will never forgive Jacqueline Laurita for their apparent betrayal as girlfriends.

Teresa Giudice of The real housewives of New Jersey opens up about her long-standing feud with Jacqueline Laurita and realizes they won’t fix their friendship. The Jersey OG is known for holding on to a grudge as it has cut many people off from their lives. The two women used to be as fat as thieves, but Teresa’s lies eventually backfired.

Teresa recently spoke up reality with the king Podcast telling fans where she stands with her old friend Jacqueline. While the mother-of-four claimed she only wishes the best for Jacqueline, Teresa made it clear that she has no place in her heart for forgiveness. Teresa admitted to listeners that her bond was with Jacqueline “Great‘, ‘But after it fell apart, Teresa felt like she had gotten a divorce, noting that the loss of her friend ‘destructive.


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Teresa Giudice cannot just forgive and forget

Teresa and Jacqueline fight outside of the runway show on RHONJ

While Teresa claims she doesn’t have any ill feelings towards the former Las Vegas native, she made it clear she could.never go back“What friendship used to be like. As RHONJ Viewers are well aware that loyalty is a big deal for Teresa. The newlywed revealed that once the trust is broken there is no turning back and explained she was made easy.different.

Viewers have always felt that Teresa walks a fine line in terms of her moral compass and has involved herself in shady deals. RHONJ Viewers can recall the time she tried to set up her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga as a stripper and how she lied to Jacqueline about her legal troubles with then-husband Joe Giudice. Teresa has liked to claim that she prefers blood relatives to others, but she hasn’t always practiced what she preaches and fans have no problem slamming her for that hypocrisy.

The real housewives of New Jersey Season 13 is slated to premiere in 2023, and viewers are prepared for quite the whirlwind. Of course, Teresa will get into a lot of arguments due to her overheated personality. Fans already know she fell out with Joe and Melissa after they refused to attend her wedding to Luis Ruelas in August. These days, Teresa may claim to be a yogi with a softer demeanor, but Jacqueline and the Gorgas know that beneath their Namaste ministry is a woman who is ready to unleash herself when she feels disrespected. It is clear that this will not change any time soon.

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Source: Reality with the King