New York: Hudson Valley woman killed in truck accident

A 30-year-old Hudson Valley woman is dead. Police are trying to reconstruct what happened.

On Tuesday, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office confirmed an investigation into a fatal accident that killed a Dutchess County woman.

Dutchess County, New York woman killed in Sullivan County, New York

At approximately 9:07 a.m. on Monday, November 28, 2022, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a serious motor vehicle accident on State Route 17B in White Lake.

Arriving lawmakers noted that a 2020 Toyota RAV 4 SUV had a head-on collision with a Mack dump truck.

Police believe Angela Theodoseau, 30, of Wappingers Falls, New York, crossed the double yellow line and collided with the truck.

Wappingers Falls woman involved in fatal accident at White Lake

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

The Rav 4 collided head-on with the truck. The truck then pushed the Rav 4 off the shoulder in a westerly direction.

Theodoseau was pronounced dead a short time later by a Sullivan County coroner, officials say.

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Dump truck driver identified as a man from Lake Katrine, New York

Fire brigade Weißsee

Fire brigade Weißsee

The driver of the dump truck has been identified as 60-year-old Michael Houghtaling of Lake Katrine, New York. Police did not say if the Lake Katrine man was injured.

The cause of the crash is under further investigation.

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