Watch Wednesday’s Thing Spook Pedestrians in New York

The fan-favorite character is played by Romanian actor Victor Dorobantu.

Thing is undoubtedly Netflix’s breakout star Wednesday! Thing is a staple of Addams Family lore and a fan favorite from the start. In the new series, he’s Wednesday’s accomplice and the only one whose injuries brought our otherwise emotionless heroine close to tears. Netflix recently unleashed the thing on the streets of New York City, and its human interactions are the least hilarious.

The streamer tweeted a new clip of Thing doing his thing and wrote, “We unleashed Thing on the streets of New York City to surprise and delight Wednesday fans.” Reactions from bystanders ranged from screams of panic to screams of tears children to pure amazement. We see Thing skateboarding, scaring away pigeons and befriending dogs. He also rides the subway and takes selfies to people’s amusement. What’s funniest, though, is that he scares people just by his mere presence. This just goes to show how “normies” would react if Thing were out in the real world.


in the Wednesday, Tim Burton and showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar made an interesting decision to cast a person as the thing, as was the old-fashioned way, rather than creating it digitally. He is played by a Romanian magician, Victor Dorobantu. In previously released images from the streamer, we see the grilling process to bring Thing to life, while Dorobantu can be seen from head to toe in a blue suit in various awkward positions to accurately portray the characters. The hard work paid off as viewers really get the sense that Thing is sentient and we all gasped together when we saw him stabbed into a pillar in the final episode.

Image via Netflix

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Wednesday is a brilliant take on the daughter of the Addams family, who in previous iterations was limited to morbid acts and hilarious one-liners. Bringing them out of the traditional setup and into Nevermore Academy made them more accessible. The creators gave her a worthy emotional arc while keeping her essence intact. In the new series, we see Wednesday solve a multi-layered mystery involving her parents, her new school and her friends. The series fits perfectly into modern times and has been a huge hit for the streamer.

Along with Jenna Ortega In the title role, the series is also included Gwendoline Christie as Headmistress Larissa Weems, Hunter Doohan as Tyler, Percy Hynes White as Xavier, Emma Meyers as Enid Sinclair, alongside Catherine Zeta Jones as Morticia Addams and Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams. Wednesday streaming on Netflix, you can watch Thing on New York Streets below: