Why the New York Giants shouldn’t be worried about Andrew Thomas’ Week 12 performance

Andrew Thomas, Eric Smith, New York Giants

This season, the New York Giants’ Andrew Thomas was one of the best offensive linemen in the league. Unfortunately, that level of performance was not seen in Week 12 when the Giants lost their Thanksgiving match to the Dallas Cowboys. Andrew Thomas played his worst game of the season against the Cowboys. Despite Thomas’ lackluster performance in Week 12, he’s still one of the best tackles in football.

Andrew Thomas will recover from the struggles of week 12

The Giants suffered a disappointing loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Early in the game, left tackle Andrew Thomas had only allowed one pressure in the Giants’ last three games (per PFF). Thomas also hadn’t dropped a single sack in ten games this season. In Week 12, Thomas dropped his first sack of the season and looked like a shell of the player he was for the first 11 weeks of the season. However, Andrew Thomas played through an illness.

It was obvious that Thomas wasn’t playing at 100% on Thursday. But the Giants’ blindside protector won’t use his illness as an excuse.

“This is the NFL. Every team struggles with injuries. Each team has a Thursday game. So you can’t apologize. You just have to deal with it and go out and play. I have to play better. Abandon the team today.”

Andrew Thomas to reporter following the Giants’ Week 12 loss to the Dallas Cowboys

Head coach Brian Daboll said Andrew Thomas “didn’t feel good” and “fought through” on Friday. Andrew Thomas deserves credit for getting out there and making a solid effort despite his illness on Thursday.

Andrew Thomas gave up four pressure points on Thanksgiving and struggled to contain the likes of Micah Parsons and Demarcus Lawrence. According to the PFF, Demarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons combined for 11 pressings on Thursday. The New York Giants struggled to contain the Ccowbboys’ fierce pass-rushing attack, blocking their offense in the second half and costing them the game.

Andrew Thomas had by far his worst performance of the season in Week 12 against the Cowboys. But the Giants have plenty of time to prepare for their next matchup, which plays the Washington Commanders next Sunday. Despite that tough play, Thomas is still the third-best offensive tackle in the NFL, according to the PFF. Andrew Thomas has only shed 12 pressure points this season, so there’s no reason to think he won’t be back in form for the New York Giants after Week 12.