10 stops to check out next time you’re in Columbus, Ohio

As Ohio’s capital, visitors to Columbus will enjoy the city’s modernity while appreciating its historic charm. The Scioto and Olentangy rivers flow through this urban jungle, with an enticing breeze for visitors and passers-by to explore and get out.

As the state capital, Columbus boasts some of Ohio’s most impressive buildings, including the Statehouse, the Judicial Center, and the LeVeque Tower. Meanwhile, history buffs can explore the historic districts and various museums, while those looking to find their center can spend a moment in one of the parks. From dusk to dawn, Columbus is a place of exploration.

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10/10 Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Though Columbus is a thriving city, it prides itself on its green spaces. Take the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, for example, where greenery relaxes from gate to heart. It regularly hosts art exhibitions, but its main attractions are its beautiful gardens and greenhouses, where you can see – or smell – more than 400 species from different countries. If you want to learn something new, you can stop by the glass blowing workshop. This Ohio wonder is so alive it’s always eager to have visitors.

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9/10 Center for Science and Industry

Those visiting Columbus with children will have a fun time playing and learning at the Center for Science and Industry. It’s been a place of wonder since 1964, and its exhibits now number over 300, so visitors of all ages are sure to have something to do. One of its iconic attractions is a full-size cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex, a well-preserved 100-million-year-old fossilized piece of amber that will amaze anyone. The dinosaur doesn’t come alive like in the night at the museum, but those who visit COSI will be equally delighted.

8/10 Columbus Art Museum

Serving the community since 1878, the Columbus Museum of Art offers art lovers a safe place to appreciate the best things in life. It’s the perfect spot for romantic dates, where couples can enjoy masterpieces while falling in love with each other’s inspiring smiles. Families with children can also attend CMA as there are programs that allow young people to engage in art. The exhibitions in the museum come from different genres, so that the hearts of the visitors beat faster.

7/10 north market

Those passing Columbus and feeling hungry are literally in for a treat, as the city has foodie paradise North Market. If you get there in time for the farmers market, you’ll be on a culinary journey, so the city could be your last stop. That’s okay, because exploring the market is already satisfying as it’s home to many tasty treats, especially local ones. It is also a thriving place for artisans, souvenir makers and other shops where good business can be done. Nothing goes south in the North Market.

6/10 Short North Arts District

Dubbed the art and soul of Columbus, the Short North neighborhood is always full of charming moments. The area offers many attractions, especially for culture and art lovers. First of all, it houses galleries and it is recommended to visit many if not all of them. A visit to galleries can be followed by a visit to music and performing arts centers before tourists can fill their bellies with delicious treats from local restaurants. When looking for a restaurant, be sure to snap some snaps with the colorful public artwork as a backdrop.

5/10 Scioto Mile

Visitors who want to feel the river breeze will have a relaxing moment exploring the Scioto Mile. Dubbed an “urban oasis,” this riverfront attraction aims to be a place where locals and tourists alike can relax. The greenery in its parks complements the pristine Scioto River and works together to offer awe-inspiring moments to those who run or walk along trails or sit on benches and enjoy the scenery. The city, nature and weary travelers make the Scioto Mile a masterpiece. Pure bliss, indeed.

4/10 Easton town center

If you can’t get enough of Columbus’ shopping scene, don’t miss Easton Town Center. The mall prides itself on being “the Midwest’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination,” something that lures those in need of so-called shopping therapy. Despite being a shopping mall, Easton was designed to look like a small town, bringing a touch of nostalgia in a place brimming with modernity. Curious tourists are welcome in this shopping paradise and can try the so-called revenge spending in over 250 shops.

3/10 Downtown Columbus

It’s probably the busiest area of ​​Columbus because it’s the business district, but downtown prides itself on its charm. There’s fun in every corner of this Ohio destination, and tourists only need to be there to experience it. If you’re in the mood for good food, the community is home to a thriving culinary scene, from tacos to steaks. It has historical landmarks that will lure lovers of the past, while tourists can tour the Statehouse, the Judicial Center, and other architectural marvels. On the way downtown, it is acceptable for tourists to sing this Vanessa Carlton song because it comes naturally.

2/10 Columbus Park of Roses

Travelers wanting to experience more blooms should stop by Columbus Park of Roses. This public park is a perfect spot for Instagram connoisseurs who like to snap some snaps without a filter because with the flowers in the background, the tourists will be the ones to blossom. It’s one of the largest rose gardens in the country, with over 12,000 specimens tended at this Ohio charmer. It has been flowering since 1953 and will therefore not disappoint those who do not like flowers.

1/10 German village

The entire neighborhood of German Village is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so a trip down memory lane in this charming community might as well be called teleportation. It is known for its brick buildings and brick-lined streets, all working together to create a tourist paradise. Destinations include Schiller Park, home to Shakespearean plays, and The Book Loft, a 32-room bookstore. The Bavarian atmosphere is strong in the Grand German Village. Well done indeed.