After lengthy investigations, poachers from Ohio imposed harsh penalties

Of the various ways citizens in this United States can become criminals, poaching is not among the dirtiest or most penalized. However, the punishment can be significant if the crime fits.

A ring of players centered around A&E Deer Processing in Gallia County walked out of court this month with fines and orders to pay refunds totaling more than $70,000. Court costs totaled over $6,700.

Thus ended “one of Ohio’s largest commercialization cases for white-tailed deer, spanning four counties and two states,” the Ohio Division of Wildlife said in a press release.

The case, which involved 14 defendants and 122 charges, continued after a lengthy investigation by Ohio Wildlife Enforcement Officers with the help of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The charges, according to the wildlife department, included “illegally taking deer, selling venison, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activities, grand theft, forgery, tampering with records, possession of unmarked deer parts, hunting with an illegal device and complicity in selling wildlife.”