Buckeye’s sweep invites behind Burns, Fulmer

The Ohio State Fall Invitational 2022 concluded in Columbus on Saturday.

Ohio State won the men’s meeting by 2,555.5 points. Indiana was second (2,422.5), followed by Notre Dame (1,586.5), Virginia Tech (1,523), Kentucky (1,028.5), Cincinnati (934), Yale (910.5), Lindenwood (632), Miami (221.5), Pitt (213) and Kenyon (39).

Ohio State also won the women’s meet by 2,496 points. Indiana was second with 2,316.5 points, followed by Kentucky (1,984), Virginia Tech (1,236), UCLA (1,000.5), Notre Dame (986), Yale (906), Ohio (478.5), Navy (419.5), Cincinnati (410), Lindenwood (301), Pitt (98), and Miami (32).

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Women 1650 Free

Indiana Ching Gan won the women’s 1650 freestyle, touching the wall in 16:05.69. teammate Mary Denigan finished second in 16:08.72. of the state of Ohio Maya lower finished third in 16:14.40.

Gentlemen 1650 Free

of the state of Ohio Charlie Clark won the men’s 1650 free in 14:46.80 to fend off Kentucky Levi Sandidge (14:51.24).

Indiana Mikey Calvillo finished third in 14:53.70.

200 women’s backstroke

Indiana Anna Pepłowski won the women’s 200m backstroke in 1:52.00 after losing two seconds after the heats.

Virginia Techs Carmen Weiler Sastre was second in 1:52.97 followed by Kentucky’s Caitlin Brooks (1:53.36).

200 men’s backstroke

Indiana Brendan Burns lost almost three seconds in the men’s 200m backstroke final to hit the wall first in 1:40.66.

cincinnati Hunter Gubeno finished second in 1:42.04. of the state of Ohio Thomas Watkins finished third in 1:42.23.

Women 100 Free

of the state of Ohio Amy Fulmer won the 100 Free and led a 1-3 Buckeye finish in the event. Fulmer touched the wall in 48.09 and teammate Catherine Zenik finished third in 48.45.

Indiana Kristina Paegel finished second in 48.15.

Men 100 Free

Virginia Techs Youssef Ramadan fell almost a second to win the 100 free. He touched the wall in 42.43.

of the state of Ohio Ruslan Gaziev finished second in 42.45 ahead of Notre Dame Chris Guiliano (42.50).

200 women’s breaststroke

Indiana Noelle Peplowski lost three seconds from the preliminary rounds to claim a major victory in the 200m breaststroke. She finished in 2:05.52.

of the state of Ohio Josie Panitz tSecond in 2:08.75 and Kentucky Gillian Davey finished third in 2:09.12.

Men 200 Breaststroke

Indiana sophomore Josh Matheny lost four seconds to sail to victory in the men’s 200m breaststroke. Matheny finished the race in 1:51.68, almost two seconds ahead of the field.

Indiana Yes was second in 1:53.17 followed by Virginia Tech Carles Coll Marti (1:53.41).

Ladies 200 butterfly

of the state of Ohio Felicia Pasadyn lost more than two seconds to set the best time in the 200 Fly. She touched the wall in 1:54.51.

Notre-Dames Coleen Gillan was second in 1:55.54 followed by Indianas Katie Forrester (1:57.57).

Men’s 200 Butterfly

Indiana Tom Frankel a whopping four seconds off his best time of the season to take victory in the 200 butterfly in 1:42.72.

of the state of Ohio Chachi Gustafson was second in 1:43.35 followed by Kentucky’s Mason Wilby (1:44.73).

400 free relay women

Indiana’s Anna Peplowski, Ashley Turk, Ella Ristic and Kristian Paegel won the 400 free relay in 3:13.35.

of the state of Ohio Katherine Zenick, Nyah Funderburke, and Teresa Ivan and Amy Fulmer finished second in 3:13.61.

Virginia Techs Carmen Weiler Sastre, Emily Claesson, Fanni Gyurinovics and Madelyn Moore finished third in 3:14.73.

400 men’s free relay

Indiana Van Mathias, Gavin Wight, Tomer Frankel and Rafael Mitoslav won the men’s 400m free relay to finish the meet in 2:49.51.

Virginia Techs Youssef Ramadan, Mario Molla Yanes, Luis Dominguez Calonge and Carles Coll Marti finished second in 2:49.77.

of the state of Ohio Alex Quach, Daniel Baltes, James Ward and Ruslan Gaziev finished third in 2:49.94.