From the press box to the pressing send, the graduate student tells OHIO Athletics stories digitally

When journalism student Taylor Strnad looked for a job at Ohio University, she knew she wanted to do something in athletics. Little did she know how important she would soon become to Ohio University’s athletics department.

A Cleveland native, he has always had a passion for sports. During her undergraduate career, Strnad was a collegiate athlete for the University of Indianapolis track team while studying communications and psychology with a concentration in public relations.

As an athlete, Strnad thrives on the camaraderie and enthusiasm that sport offers.

“It’s made my transition as an athlete so much easier,” Strnad said of her role. “It was fun traveling with teams and interacting with them on social posts!”

Although her program at Scripps College of Communication does not require an assistant position, Strnad has used her role as Associate Digital Strategy Coordinator in Athletics to advance her career and gain tangible experience in the sports world.

“As a GA [graduate assistant] In the athletics department, I feel like my position is unique compared to other GAs,” she admitted. “I travel a lot with the teams, I’m somewhere else almost every weekend. Also, I really enjoy my job. My boss gives me a lot of creative freedom and opportunities to try new things in the social field.”

She helps manage the OHIO Athletic Department’s 15 social media accounts and everything related to content creation—graphic design, sending tweets, creating TikToks, writing copy—to name a few. Meanwhile, she also works attentively in the press gallery football and basketball Season to update in-game web and video content.

Strnad guides six undergraduate students to help her achieve all of this and support all of Ohio University’s track and field teams.

“I hope to influence the undergraduate students who work under me,” Strnad said. “I really try my best to help them and teach them new things — whether it’s things in Photoshop or just tips and tricks on how to do social media for an athletics account.”

Taylor Strnad works with the Ohio University athletics department.
Strnad teams up with Ohio University Athletics at Frank Solich Field at Peden Stadium.

Things in sport are evolving fast – Strnad is constantly traveling to new cities, staying up late in hotel rooms, creating and editing content and preparing for various outcomes – all while working as a student.

“To stay organized, I learned to stay adaptable,” she said. “Things change so quickly.”

Preparing for instant results is vital in the world of athletics. Fans looking for live updates often visit teams’ social media pages for information.

She described rushing to create and post the victory graphic on a ride home from a road win over the Bobcats’ archrival Miami University.

“If we don’t release the winning graphic right away, it becomes less engaging,” Strnad noted.

As she prepares to travel to Detroit this weekend for the upcoming MAC Football Championship Game where the Bobcats will take on the Toledo Rockets, Strnad reflected on one of her most exciting experiences in the role to date:

“One of the most memorable moments in my role to date is attending the MAC Men’s Basketball Championship in March,” she said. “This was my first really big event that I’ve attended and it was a lot of fun.”

Surely soccer championship game will be added to this list soon. Strnad will be live tweeting behind the scenes and providing updates to Bobcats, who are eagerly tuning in from Athens as the football team attempts to win their first MAC Championship since 1968.

As it looks to be another busy weekend for Strnad, at the end of the day she’s looking forward to another opportunity to share moments from the game with students, faculty, staff, alumni and the entire Bobcat nation that’s tuning in – win or lose .

“You have to think about how you want to tell the story.”