Jake Moody’s Field Goal Lifts Michigan Over Illinois; Next up is the state of Ohio

ann arbor – Michigan played from behind, understaffed with key players on the touchline, and relied on kicker Jake Moody to sustain the Wolverines’ perfect scoring season.

Moody hit four field goals, including a game-winning 35-yard field goal with nine seconds left to win Michigan 19-17 over Illinois in the final game of the season at Michigan Stadium.

“Moody is money. Every time Moody goes on the field all nerves calm down,” said Mazi Smith, nose tackle, on UM radio after the game.

Last season, Moody told reporters that when he can’t fall asleep, he thinks about all the different game-winning scenarios.

“When I go into every game, I like to think about different kicks,” Moody said last fall. “Could be a game winner, could be an extra point.”