Looking back at three years at the Ohio Statehouse

For the past 3 years I have had the honor and privilege of representing Licking County and the 71st Ohio House District. My tenure has been marked by unprecedented challenges, opportunities and achievements.

I have spent my time building relationships with local communities and state seamen and working on critical issues facing our county and state. Over the course of my tenure, I have witnessed a 100-year district flood, a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, the largest economic investment in Ohio history, significant local investment by the state, and the resilience of the place I call home.

When you represent a district that raised you and invested so much in you, it was never a job, it was an affair of the heart. My goals in office went beyond local government and the state, to work tirelessly to improve government, serve my communities, and provide my constituents with better opportunities than when I took office. I’ve passed legislation to ensure access to loved ones in nursing homes, enable telemedicine in Ohio, improve our business climate and education systems, and more. Many of these bills come directly from voters asking for help and relief.