Ohio 13/Fourth Street reopens with roundabouts in Main, Church

NEWARK — Infrastructure improvements were completed on Fourth Street, allowing drivers to travel through downtown Newark on the reopened Ohio 13 without stopping at a stoplight between Locust Street and National Drive near the South Fork Licking River .

The Fourth Street traffic lights at West Main and West Church streets were replaced with roundabouts that provide a continuous flow of traffic on State Route from the traffic light at Fourth and Locust streets near the Ohio 16 in/out to the stop light at West National Allow Drive, Wilwood Avenue and Calburn Street.

“Everything I’ve heard so far has been positive,” said city engineer Brian Morehead. “People are happy that they are not sitting at a traffic light and can keep moving. The speeds seem to be reduced.”

The City of Fourth Street’s $28 million infrastructure project corresponds to an Environmental Protection Agency mandate to separate plumbing and storm sewers to prevent sewage from combined sewers overflowing into the river.