Ohio medical student gives birth to child

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A central Ohio couple will have quite a story to tell their daughter when she’s older.

Addilynn Gibbs was born earlier this month with someone very special to catch her.

David and Kaily Gibbs were expecting the birth of their first child on November 8, but baby Addilynn had other plans. But the timing worked because David was already in the hospital.

David is a third-year medical student at Ohio State University. It just so happens that when Kaily went into labor, David was in the hospital during his OB/GYN rotation.

“I’m really grateful for this memory that we’re all sharing now and it’s a cool way to start things,” he said.

And although Addilynn showed up five days early, it was perfect timing.

“The timing was just crazy that she was taken to the hospital and I was like, ‘Oh I’m already here, I’ll meet you,’ and things just started to happen,” David said. “The next thing we knew, it was all coming.”

“It’s a one-time thing, so the fact that she was the very first thing you’ve ever caught and the fact that you were the one who was able to do it, it was just so special,” Kaily said.

Given the baby’s due date and David’s rotation schedule, the couple had already discussed this scenario without necessarily expecting it to happen. But it did.

The couple asked the treating doctor if everything was going well, if David could help with the delivery. She said yes, and the first baby David caught was his own daughter.

“The attending doctor said, ‘All right, you can stay upstairs with Mom, and I’ll let you know when to put on your sterile gown and gloves,'” David said. “I thought, ‘Okay, great.’ Then two minutes later she says, ‘You should put on your gown and gloves now, the baby is coming,’ so it was a really exciting moment.”

“It was perfect, he was by my side in all the parts I needed him to do and everything went smoothly and well, so I felt comfortable letting him be by my side for a few minutes and it was perfect,” said Kaily.

“She had the tough job, so…” David added, laughing.

As you can imagine, David said this was by far the highlight of his medical school experience.