Wayfinders Ohio, 124 W. Third St., is a 58-bed facility.

Harmony House has a new name.

To properly represent all of their services and to better reflect their mission, Harmony House Homeless Services has changed its name to Wayfinders Ohio.

“We do so much more than just sheltering the homeless, and we just felt that the old name didn’t reflect the full scope of what we do here,” said Executive Director Kelly Blankenship. The name Wayfinders Ohio is meant to represent how the shelter not only provides safe shelter, but also helps individuals and families affected by homelessness find their way back into the life they want to live.

“We want to be able to treat the whole person”

“The vision we have for Wayfinders is to do more than just get people off the streets for a short time,” Blankenship told Situation, so we can help ensure lasting freedom from homelessness and give them confidence to convey that they can become and remain independent members of our community.” To achieve this, Wayfinders Ohio makes sure to address the needs of every individual who walks through the door. They focus on the person’s immediate needs first – a warm bed, clean clothes, food, a shower and more so they can take a moment to breathe and rest.