What You Must Do Claim the $200 Pre-Reg Bonus

With the launch of Ohio sports betting taking center stage, now is the time to snap up the DraftKings Ohio promotional offer that generates a $200 guaranteed bonus.

Click this link or any of the other links on this page to grab this special offer from DraftKings Ohio. After setting up your account in advance, you will receive a $200 betting bankroll. The funds can be used to place real money bets after the upcoming rollout.

New Year’s Day is always memorable, but this day becomes historic for Buckeye State sports fans. This is legal sports betting start day and it is Sunday of NFL week 17. The Browns will play the Commanders in Landover that day and there are several key games between division rivals. The following day, the Bengals host the Buffalo Bills in a major AFC matchup.

Click here to take advantage of the DraftKings Ohio promotion that will secure a $200 pre-registration bonus.

DraftKings Ohio Promo Summary

First, there are no strings attached, uncertain outcomes, or conditions. Either way, once you pre-register, the $200 is yours. It comes in the form of free bets, and you can make the wagers after launch.

Your bets can be placed on any sport that is on the board at the time. Besides soccer, you can also bet on basketball, hockey and any other event listed. There are also no restrictions on the pre-game bet type you choose. If you win any of these bets you will receive a real money payout after the game has been settled.

Additionally, there is another element to sweeten the pot. If you register in advance, you will be entered into a special drawing. Five winners will be selected and each of them will receive a crazy $100,000 free bet.

Accept the DraftKings Ohio special offer

  • Most importantly, click here or any of the others that we offer on this site. This will give you instant eligibility for the pre-registration reward.
  • Second, when you arrive at the promotion’s landing page, follow the prompts to set up your account. This is similar to any other online account creation process. When your identification details have been entered, your account will be pre-registered.
  • After that, take a moment to download the mobile app if you don’t already have it. The freedom to bet on the go is the obvious benefit. In addition, you will learn about special offers that are only available in the app.

Second bonus opportunity

As the launch date approaches, this pre-registration offer will be taken off the table. A real standard welcome bonus opportunity is introduced as a replacement. We don’t know at this point what it will be. However, to give you an idea, the current welcome bonus is an additional $200 payout for a winning $5 moneyline bet. You are free to accept this offer even after you have received your pre-registration bonus.

Click here to take advantage of DraftKings Ohio’s promotional offer which includes a guaranteed payout of $200 in free bets and a $100,000 sweepstakes entry.

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